Studies show kids who use alcohol and/or tobacco are more likely to experiment with more "serious" drugs than those who don't. However, we contend alcohol and tobacco ARE "serious" drugs! Alcohol is the major cause of all motor vehicle fatalities and accidents in Massachusetts, today! Tobacco remains the leading preventible cause of death in our state, causing thousands of deaths per year. When we glamorize their use in the media or reinforce their use by role models (parents, peers, etc.), society sends a message to your kids that this is acceptable behavior. It is not. You, as the parent, need to stand up and protect your children against these serious threats.

Alcohol, the more immediate health risk

Alcohol, the financial risk

Alcohol is a depressant that impairs thinking, judgement and coordination. It encourages "wrong" decisions that can lead to physical harm to the child and ruinous financial burdens for their parents such as: costs for hospitalization, medication and therapy; costs for vehicle towing, repair and storage; court costs and fines; law suits; cancellation of insurance, etc.

Tobacco, the long-term risk